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About us

Driven to Innovation

In 1939, Huang, Chuan-Fa developed the first jointer and planer machine for his own wood shop, and this was the very foundation of the woodworking machinery industry in Taiwan.

Founding Father - Huang, Chuan-Fa

Life after WWWII was not easy in Taiwan.

But Chuan-Fa was a hero in his lifetime.

His drive and his charactter affracted many other talented professionals who to this day are still invested within the woodworking machinery industy.

This was the origin of the Sheng Feng Machinery legacy

2nd Generation - Huang, Shui Xiong and His Siblings

Industries were growing, and MIT Woodworking Machinery helped lead the way. Reaching beyond the Asian market, the Huang brothers presented MIT Woodworking Machinery to the rest of the world, helping to make Taiwan one of the top three exporters in the woodworking industry.

3rd & 4th Generation - Haley Huang and Her Children

Today, Blue Steel Machinery CO., creators of the brand High Point, leads the founding family, we inhenited the very DNA that drives us. True to our entrepreneurial heritage, we continue to push the industries'limits, with a never-ending respect in our belief in the innovation that Chuan-Fa introduced over 80 years ago.